"...it's the best place in the world to live."

What do the one-time goldfish capital of the world, the most beautiful wall in the United States, and the lair of the mythical Snallygaster have in common? Along with hundreds of other unique and intriguing sites, they're located in Frederick County. How are memories of sledding in the moonlight, toting well water to one-room schoolhouses, and hiding whiskey from prohibition-era marshals related? They're reminiscences and eyewitness accounts of life from those who lived it in Frederick County.

Twenty years ago, author and historian Marie Anne Erickson explored the rich histories of nearly fifty communities in this central Maryland area in her "Crossroads" series for Frederick magazine. The articles delighted readers and enticed visitors to explore lesser-known corners of the county.

We're pleased to announce that all of these engaging and lively articles are now available in a single high-quality publication from the prestigious History Press.

Enjoy days gone by in Frederick County, Maryland!

















Middletown Valley as viewed from Braddock Mountain circa 1970. South Mountain creates a natural boundary to the west.